It was at a local riding school in Kungsbacka that Josefine Eliasson jumped on horseback for the first time, aged just 6. She remained at that riding school throughout her childhood. Now, many years later, she lives half the year in Brussels, Belgium and the other half of the year in Wellington, Florida, USA, working as a groom for top rider Jessica Springsteen. Below, Josefine tells us in her own words how she got to where she is today and what her life is like.

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I grew up in Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg

I now live half the year in Brussels, Belgium and the other half of the year in Wellington, Florida, USA. I started riding at a local riding school (Skåregärde Gård) when I was 6 years old and stayed at that stable throughout my childhood. I first had a C pony that I competed some jumping on. When I outgrew her, we bought a big horse. In 2011 I bought my very own horse and I still own her today. I used to go with the owner of my stable to different competitions to help out, including Falsterbo. I quickly realised that it was something I enjoyed doing and something I was good at.

My first grooming job

My first grooming job was for a rider in Switzerland. Romain Duguet. I worked for him for about a year but decided to quit to go home and get my lorry licence. I wanted to work as a racehorse groom and realised that a lot of jobs were looking for people with a truck licence.

Got a job with top rider Jessica Springsteen

I got the job with Jessica through a recommendation from a friend. I have now been working there and travelling around the world with Jessica's horses for over 8 years.

An ordinary day as a groom

A normal day as a groom hardly exists. Because we work with animals, no two days are the same. But normally we feed in the morning, clean the stables, the horses come out twice before lunch, e.g. riding, pasture, walker, etc. they get some peace and quiet to eat lunch and then they come out once more in the afternoon before it's time for dinner. We also check on them once in the evening to make sure everything is nice and quiet in the stable. 

I try to keep the daily routines at the competition as much as I can. It doesn't matter if it's a small competition or a championship. My job is to keep the horses happy and healthy at competition so that they feel as good as possible and can perform at the top level. 

Started my own business

Almost exactly a year ago, I also started my company which is meant to serve as a network and recruitment site in the horse industry. Here you can find different jobs all over the world in all disciplines. My dream was partly to make the equestrian profession bigger and more attractive by highlighting salaries and benefits, helping horse owners/stables to find skilled and right staff.

But above all, to help new young people find the right job and start in this incredibly fun industry. Going out into the world knowing where, when and how you will work.  I have been really surprised by all the support and positive feedback the website has received and I am very excited about what the future holds.

The importance of proper clothing in this profession

As my job is very physical and I spend most of my time outdoors, it is very important for me to have good work clothes. From comfortable riding trousers that I can feel comfortable in all day to T-shirts and jumpers that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also have a material that is suitable for physical activity, breathes well and at the same time protects against sun and wind. This is exactly what I think Uhip has achieved in its clothing collections. 

I am also a frequent user of jackets and for me it is important of course that it has a nice fit but also good features such as pockets, waterproofness, etc. My favourite garment from Uhip is without a doubt the Trench Mid Coat. I have used that raincoat so much and I constantly get compliments when I wear it. 

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