Now our entire SS24 collection is here! We are so proud and happy to finally share these garments with you. CEO Ulrika and designer Elin tell us in their own words about how the thoughts went when they created the collection.

We have designed another outdoor collection for spring and summer in the spirit of Uhip, a collection where you who ride or stay in the environment around horses and dogs can enjoy and devote yourself to what you love most. Training, both low and high intensity, building a relationship with your four-legged friend and having fun! 

Uses for this season's pieces

Chilly days and evenings are no problem! Add one of our cosy jackets, perhaps the comfy Pilé which contains 70% merino wool, to keep you warm. Clothing for rain and wind are Uhip's signature and for SS24 we have designed two different families (Winnie and Hailey) for different purposes. Winnie is for more stationary and low-intensity but can withstand strong pouring rain and Hailey is made for a slightly higher pace as it has a higher breathability that allows your body heat to be released while resisting wind and rain. The general idea with the entire collection is that you do not have to compromise on stylish design, we start with a design that you can feel good in and shine a little extra. 

The colors - Dove Blue and Magenta 

We have spiced up the collection with a lovely blue tone that goes in the direction of dove blue, although it is a little deeper, and we dare to promise that this color suits everyone! It simply makes you very happy to wear the garments in this color. For those who like the more red and pink scale, look at this year's Magenta, and you will melt completely.

New in this season!